Perceptual Analysis and Simulation of Real-World Materials Appearance

EC Marie-Curie European Reintegration Grant No 239294 (2010-2012)

Principal investigator: Jiří Filip

Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the AS CR

Project Goals

     The main goal of this project is to identify relationships between human perception of real-world materials properties and corresponding computational features. We will use Bidirectional Texture Functions as state-of-the-art digital representation of illumination and view dependent real-world material appearance as an initial data for our analysis. We believe that rigorous analysis of human perception of individual visual effects in different material samples will allow us not only understand principles of human perception of real material surfaces but also to develop a more efficient acquisition, modelling, and editing methods of this type of massive but very accurate data. The observed material properties are surface specularity, translucency, roughness, anisotropy, directionality, back-scattering, among others. We will study the perceptual importance of these properties as well as their mutual dependency and dependency on type of material and illumination and viewing conditions. We will use established models of low-level human perception, however, we will also exploit psychophysical studies as a main source of knowledge about the way how human observers perceive more complex material surface properties. We will use real-time renderings of visually rich view and illumination dependent material measurements as test stimuli allowing the observer to freely control lighting and viewing conditions during the experiment. As an input data we are going to use publicly available view and illumination dependent surface texture samples, however, our long-term goal is a development of flexible and efficient sample measurement setup that does not sample the space of view and illumination directions uniformly as it is common in the previous setups, but rather takes advantage of obtained knowledge about human perception of individual types of real-materials to produce their very accurate but significantly reduced and thus easily applicable digital representation.


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Tutorials/Courses Presented

  • Haindl M., Filip J.: Advanced Nature Exteriors Modelling (half-day tutorial). Presented at conference ICPR 2012, Tsukuba, Japan, November 2012.

  • Haindl M., Filip J.: Advanced Textural Representation of Materials Appearance (half-day course). Presented at conference SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, Hong Kong, China, December 2011. [pdf]

  • Haindl M., Filip J.: Advanced Material Appearance Modelling (half-day tutorial). Presented at conference SCIA 2011, Ystad, Sweden, May 2011.

  • Haindl M., Filip J.: Bidirectional Texture Function Modeling (half-day tutorial). Presented at conference CVPR 2010, San Francisco, USA, August 2010.

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