Czech Pattern Recognition Society



CPRS was founded in Prague in June 1992 under the name of Czechoslovak Pattern Recognition Society as a working group of the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics with the aims to promote interaction and collaboration among Czech and Slovak researchers working directly in pattern recognition but also among those specialized in other fields but using or developing pattern recognition techniques. Three months later the CPRS was accepted to the IAPR - International Association of Pattern Recognition. With the split of Czechoslovak Federation into Czech and Slovak republics in 1993 the CPRS has changed its name to Czech Pattern Recognition Society but still keeps its Slovak members and represents their interests in IAPR.

Topics of interest for CPRS mainly concern:


Information distribution

Information related to CPRS activities will be mainly distributed via this URL HomePage. It will contain general information, such as announcement of CPRS events, and an updated electronic mailing list of CPRS members interested in our activities (i.e., interested in image analysis and pattern recognition ).

Membership list

An update list of scientists participating in CPRS activities.

Working Groups

CPRS members have involvement, on a personal basis, in several working groups and associations, as for example:

Registration form

CPRS aims to attracts interests and members in the pattern recognition communities, and it aims at being representatives both geographically and in relation to the subject areas.

People interested to become members of CPRS are kindly required to fill the Registration Form. and send it together with a brief description of the main research activities being carried out by them and/or their institution, which are relevant for CPRS itself, with a list of their most recent publications, and with info about the availability of preprints or technical reports. The CPRS membership is free, but our members are supposed to be paying members of the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics.

Last update: February 2, 2016.