Czech Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematic

( consists of four major Czech R&D institutes active in informatics and mathematics
- two universities and two research institutes from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic:
Charles University (*1348), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Prague 2, Czech Republic,
Tel: +420-2-21911289, Fax: +420-2-21911292,
Institute of Information Theory and Automation (*1958), Academy of Sciences
Pod vodarenskou vezi 4, 182 08 Prague 8, Czech Republic,
Tel: +420-2-6884669, Fax: +420-2-6884903,
Masaryk University (*1919), Faculty of Informatics
Botanicka 68a, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic,
Tel.: +420-5-41512111, Fax: +420-5-41212568,
ICS Logo Institute of Computer Science (*1975), Academy of Sciences
Pod vodarenskou vezi 2, 18207 Prague 8, Czech Republic,
Tel: +420-2-6884244, Fax: +420-2-8585789,
CRCIM mission
  • to perform frontier research and teaching in mathematics,
    informatics and computer science
  • to transfer acquired new knowledge to society.
CRCIM staff
1120 Researchers / Teachers
CRCIM overall budget
10 million Euro
  • Complexity Theory, Automata, Logic, Combinatorics, Computational Geometry, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Neural Networks, Computer Graphics, Formal Linguistic, Databases, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering;
  • Informatics, Control Theory, Econometrics, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Statistics and Data Processing;
  • Software Engineering and Methodology of Programming, Distributed Systems Design, Computer Networks, Electronic Typesetting, Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces, Data Visualization, Information Systems;
  • Theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Neural Networks, Knowledge-based Systems, Nonlinear Modelling, Numerical Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization, Applied Linear Algebra.

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