ERCIM News reports on joint actions of the ERCIM partners, and aims to reflect the contribution made by ERCIM to the European Community in Information Technology. Through short articles and news items, it provides a forum for the exchange of information between the institutes and also with the wider scientific community. According to a recent survey, about 15% of the authors had useful contacts due to an article in ERCIM News.

EN issues (starting with the ERCIM News No. 19 from October 1995) are available online , where they can be also ordered.


Call for Contributions

Call for contributions to the coming ERCIM News issue.

Submission procedure

Materials should be submitted to the ERCIM News editorial board member Michal Haindl ( in the ASCII form, preferably via email, together with their recommended EN section placement. Single files should be compressed using gzip. Large materials (images) can also be submitted to the public ftp site

Please make sure that your submission follows the ERCIM News Guidelines.

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