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Professor Rosenfeld has been my Scientific Father and now I feel orphan. I will miss him.
Gabriella Sanniti di Baja

The Czech Pattern Recognition Society expresses its deep regret with the loss of Professor Rosenfeld. Our sincerest condolences to his family.
Stanislava Simberova, Pavel Pudil, Michal Haindl

Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld, a true scientist and a great giant in our field. You have produced countless text images and pictures for us to process in the past, and for many more years to come.
Ching Y. Suen
CENPARMI, Concordia University, Canada

On the name of the "The Russian Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis" we send the deepest condolences to the family of Professor Rosenfeld, to his colleagus and to the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis community as a whole. In USSR and in the Russian Federation the name, results, books, and other contributions of Professor Rosenfeld were very well known. Our Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis community was keeping closed contact with him, several times Professor Rosenfeld visited USSR and the Russian Federation as a guest of the USSR Academy of Sciences and of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Professor Rosenfeld many times was a member of Program Commitees of International Conferences on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis held in the USSR and in the Russian Federation; from 1990 he was a member of the Editorial Board of the international journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Advances in Mathematical Theory and Applications". These contacts were crucially important for the development of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Our common loss is huge. We share sorrow of all Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis people.
We hope that the memory of Azriel Rosenfeld will be appropriately ho- noured by ICPR. We suggest to establish ICPR Azriel Rosenfeld award for breakthrough scientific contribution to the mathematical theory of pattern recognition and image analysis, to publish a collection of his selected papers, to publish a collection of his bibliographic surveys, to include in the scientific program of ICPR'2004 a memorial session devoted to Azriel Rosenfeld contributions.
Professor, Full memder of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the "The Russian Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis"
Dr.-Eng. Igor B.Gurevich
Executive Secretary of the Russian Federation "The Russian Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis"

I express my deep sadness for the lost of a great scientist that inspired not only me but also many hundreds of researchers in the field of image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. The loss is great for the scientific community, but his impact to science will be great for ever. My condolences to his family.
Dr. Nikolaos Bourbakis, IEEE Fellow
OBR Distinguished Professor of Informatics, Director of the Information Technology Research Institute, Wright State University

Dear Azriel, Thank you for so gracefully accepting our invitation to serve as Conference Hononary Chair of ICPR2006, to be held in Hong Kong, China. It's our deepest regret not being able to meet you then. I pray you are peacefully resting in God's hands, where we all someday will meet together again. We miss you.
Patrick Wang
ICPR2006 Conference Co-Chair, IJPRAI Chief Editor, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

I will miss greatly Azriel Rosenfeld. We have interacted scientifically for over 35 years and he was also a friend whose opinion's I valued on topics other than Computer Science.
Theo Pavlidis

A pioneer and founder of pattern recognition left us. We are all greatly indebted to him. He will be missed.
Stan Matwin
SITE, University of Ottawa

Professor Rosenfeld's untimely death is a major loss to our field. Neither he nor his contributions will be forgotten by those who were fortunate to know him as a friend and colleague. My sincere condolences to his family.
Rafael C. Gonzalez
University of Tennessee

As a student of his student, I received much inspiration from his boundless energy and impact on the field. That he has been an incredibly positive force is undeniable and leaves behind a giant void in the community. My condolences to his family: may you be comforted.
Benjamin Kimia

It is a very sad day for anyone involved with computer vision, image processing, or pattern recognition, and I personally wish to express my condolences to Professor Rosenfeld's family.
Jean Ponce
Dept. of Computer Science and Beckman Instiute, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Though I am one of the last a few students instructed by Professor Rosenfeld, the students of his books, papers, ideas, and spirit will be endless. Sincerest condolences to his family.
Haiying Liu

Belarusian PR scientists express our deep regret with the loss of Prof.A.Rosenfeld. Inspite of his bussiness, he communicated with us during last 15 years. He always replied to our letters, gave his advices. His first book translated into Russian helped many of us to understand and start research in image processing. We will miss him.
Sergey V. Ablameyko

In the beginning of the Japanese government big project "Pattern Information Processing System" (1971-80), Prof. Rosenfeld visited Tokyo and gave a series of lectures on image processing. His influence has been great not only on the project but on later research in a wide area.
Yoshiaki Shirai

We express our deep sadness for the lost of a great professor and a true scientist. His countless papers and books have been and will remain a reference point for our daily work.
Dr. Arcangelo Distante
and all the staff of the Institute of Intelligent System for Automation National Research Council, Bari, Italy

I would like to express my deepest regrets to Azriel Rosenfeld4s family. It is a pity that such an outstanding individual left you and a him admiring community. Professor Rosenfeld was a great researcher and teacher whose efforts shall remain and affect many others in a positive way.
Andreas Dengel
DFKI, University of Kaiserslautern

Azriel Rosenfeld, a visionary, founder and leader for decades of the pattern recognition field, will be greatly missed. His inspiration and intellectual contributions to the field will continue to have an impact for a long time to come.
Evangelos Milios
Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University

Dear Azriel, we have been colleagues and friends for a long time. I appreciated your brilliant sense of humor, it was a great pleasure to spend time talking to you. I thank you so much for what you did for us.
Goffredo G. Pieroni
University of Udine, Italy

Infinitely sad.
Alexey Zalesny

I have read so many of your papers that I think I know you closely. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your contribution to the computer vision and pattern recognition field. I will miss you.
Ardeshir Goshtasby
Wright State University

Azriel Rosenfeld was assistant supervisor to my assistant supervisor so I am proud to be his scientific grandchild. With his death, an era is over. Pattern recognition will not be the same without him and he will be much missed. But his works will endure - and again and again we will find that what we think are new ideas he fully explored 20 years ago.
Gunilla Borgefors

Your contribution to science was extremely important. However, as an ordained rabbi, your contribution to removing the false divide between science and religion was even more critical. You will be sorely missed.
Usama Hasan
School of Computing Science, Middlesex University, London, UK

Although I did not meet Azriel personally, I did read some of his papers, and I really, really want to be his PhD student, or his PhD student's student. I have learned much from his contribution to the world of PAMI and Image Analysis, and now, he passed away -- I just can't believe that -- Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld! Sincerest condolences.
Jason Yi Li
South China University of Technology

Dear Azriel, you were my PhD thesis advisor over 20 years ago. From you I learned how to do scientific research. Thank you for this and other great contributions to our research in Oulu.
Matti Pietikainen
Machine Vision Group, University of Oulu

This is for me a sad moment. It was for me a privilege to have been allowed to first visit CfAR when I was finishing my Ph.D.. I am deeply grateful to Prof. Rosenfeld for the opportunities I had to interact with him and to benefit from the excellent and enriching academic environment of CfAR. Learning was extremely exciting when interacting with Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld. I will miss him.
Helder Araujo
University of Coimbra, Portugal

A few days ago we were looking for a reference that introduced some of the ideas of digital topology and recalled that Azriel wrote a seminal paper on the topic around 1981. A search for his papers of that year returned dozens and dozens of references, there were thirteen of them just in IEEE PAMI! We have lost not just a great scientist, but one whose productivity matched that of whole research teams. He will be greatly missed
Gabor T. Herman
Computer Science, Graduate Center, City University of New York

As Program Chairman of ICPR 1982 and again as Chairman of the track "Computer Vision and Applications" of ICPR 1992 I profited from the support, advice, and ideas of Prof. Rosenfeld. His loss is sad, his name persists.
Heinrich Niemann

The Technion CS computer vision group mourns Azriel Rosenfeld, a great man, and a great scholar, whose works guided and will continue to guide our field in the years to come.
May his memory be blessed, and his legacy live on.
The Technion just awarded him an Honorary Doctorate in Science, and we are honored by the association of Azriel's name with our school.
Our most sincere condolences to the Rosenfeld family.
Prof. Alfred Bruckstein, Prof. Ron Kimmel, Prof. Ehud Rivlin, Prof. Micha Lindenbaum, and Dr. Michael Elad

Azriel was the epitome of the term, "a gentleman and a scholar." His words always came from a deep thoughtfulness, and a desire to advance knowledge and to help others in that same pursuit. When he spoke, it was always worth listening. I recall watching him hold the attention of an audience for an entire hour, using only two handwritten slides. He mentored many people directly and was seen as a father figure to our field by many others. He will be remembered fondly by all who knew him.
Chip Weems

Dr.Rosenfeld was a great scientist and a superb human being. His contributions will live for ever. He will be missed by all his friends.
Arjun Gupta

GIRPR, the Italian Association for Pattern Recognition, shares the grief of the family and the international community for the loss of prof. Azriel Rosenfeld, one of the scientists who most effectively contributed to the birth and to the development of Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition.
Luigi P. Cordella
President of GIRPR

Azriel was in many ways the spiritual leader of the machine vision community, a role appropriate for one with such serious religious interests. He was also a critially important mentor for me personally, and a continual inspiration for all of us. I know that all of us will miss him deeply, but I hope and expect that we will continue to hold his example in our hearts.
Alex (Sandy) Pentland

Dear Azriel: When I was a young Assistant Professor you gave me the opportunity to join the Editorial Board of the [then] CVGIP journal. I only thought such honors belonged to the tenured ranks. Later you offered me the co-Editorship of the CVGIP split-off GMIP journal. You were always there for the younger researchers in the field. Your support was instrumental in fostering excellent scholarship, producing exhaustive bibliographic listings, and promoting excitement at the boundaries of computer vision and computer graphics. Our last interactions were with a Penn PhD student that you mentored so well. You shall be missed.
Norm Badler
University of Pennsylvania

Azriel stood out among the mentors I've known. His memory will live on in many. That alone is the finest testimony to his many achievements.
Allen Klinger

Azriel was a warm, generous person. He was an academic giant. He enjoyed life and was always a good companion. He will be missed in both in and out of the profession.
Lawrence Mazlack
University of Cincinnati

We have lost a great scientist, brilliant organizer of scientific development and a cordial man. He inspired me, as well as many other researchers, to start investigations in new fields of science. I shall never forget that he has spent many hours of his valuable time to perfectly organize my first trip through the universities of the United States in 1976. The recent and the future generations of researchers will never forget him.
Vladimir Kovalevsky

Azriel's passing is indeed a grievous loss for our community. As a student I had been in awe of him and his many contributions to the field. I remember the first time I met Azriel shortly after giving a talk at CFAR. I walked into his office rather nervous and humbled, thinking he would naturally proceed to pick apart my work and given his encyclopedic knowledge of the field tell me how so-and-so was the first to do what I did. Despite what he may have been thinking, he did nothing of the kind. He was the very embodiment of the wise and gentle mentor who knows it's best to encourage a younger man. And that's how I will remember him: as a wise old Zen Master.
Baback Moghaddam
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

I met Azriel for the first time in the summer of 1980 while I attended an image processing summer school organized by INRIA. He was one of the professors. From the very begining I was impressed by Azriel's capacity to transmit his ethousiasm to the audience. His class on relaxation methods was excellent. Ever since I appreciated his contributions and those of his collaborators and students. For the computer vision community, worldwide, Azriel has acted like a lighthouse. Humans are not eternal but Azriel's legend will definitely be eternal and will continue to guide us.
Radu Horaud

I am deeply sad at the passing away of a great scientist. I have been very fortunate to get the opportunity collaborate with him - we co-authored nine papers and co-edited a book. He was a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement. I send my deepest condolences to his family.
Prabir Bhattacharya

Those of us who knew Azriel personally, as I have for more than 35 years, were especially privileged. His memory will live on, not only through his family, friends and students, but through those who never met him but will benefit from his many works. Shalom.
Richard O. Duda
CIPIC Interface Laboratory

Azriel will be immensely missed as both a scholar and a friend. His work impacted many generations of scientists and engineers and will continue to inspire future generations to come. Although he is no longer among us, it is comforting to know that he will live on through the so many contributions he has made.
Larry Wolff
Equinox Corporation and Johns Hopkins University

Professor Rosenfeld was one of the founding fathers of image processing. Many of us learned the tricks of the trade from one of his books. The Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (NVPHBV) expresses its deepest regret with the loss of such a great scientist. We send our sincere condolences to his family.
Lucas J. van Vliet
president of NVPHBV

I will sadly miss Azriel's presence in the hallways here, but I will always remember his love of knowledge and his generosity and thoughtfulness in giving his time and knowledge to others. He is also one of few scientists of faith, a respected rabbi, and I fondly recall our very occasional discussions of a religious nature. He was a light to many. I am grateful to have met Azriel, whose life remains "bound up in the bundle of life with the Eternal."
David Harwood
University of Maryland

My deep condolences to Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld's family.
C. Srinivas

On Behalf of the members of the APRP - Portuguese Association for Pattern Recognition, I want to express my condolences to the family of Professor Azriel Rosenfeld and to the PR community.
Aurelio Campilho
APRP Chairman

We extend deepest sympathy on the loss of Professor Azriel Rosenfeld. In the 70's, Professor Rosenfeld came to the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Energy, Mines and Resources, Government of Canada, and gave courses in pattern recognition and image analysis. His work was a great impetus to us and his standards of excellence and religious commitment touched us all. His laboratory at the University of Maryland was also very stimulating.
David G. Goodenough, F. IEEE
Natural Resources Canada and University of Victoria

From digital picture processing to digital topology, and from pattern recognition to computer vision, Professor Azriel Rosenfeld was a pioneer, a founder, an untiring contributor and a guilding light in the fields. His monumental works will continue to inspire researchers of successive generations.
C. C. Li
University of Pittsburgh

A great loss. I valued his advice and friendship over twenty-five years.
David Foster
UMIST, Manchester

The dream of each of us has always been that of writing a paper with Rosenfeld. I missed my opportunity, and I am deeply sad. Lucky those who did it. We will all miss him and never forget him.
A/Prof Massimo Piccardi
University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Azriel Rosenfeld was an inspiration to me during my five years at CfAR. I often marvelled at the instituition he set up, which we took for granted. He was always ready to help the young graduate student that I was. He was never so busy that he could not read and comment on my first journal paper (even though I was not his student). Almost any reference I wanted was available and brillantly catalogued in his library - and he would get it to me within minutes of me asking for it. I was truly struck by his committment to his research, his center, his students. I last met Azriel a few months ago (just before I left the Center) and looked forward to meeting him again in the near future. That will not happen and the loss and grief I feel is deep. My heartfelt condolences to his family. He will forever live in the hearts and minds of those whose were fortunate to have known him. May his soul rest in peace.
Amit K. Roy Chowdhury
University of California, Riverside

Please accept my sincere sympathy at the passing of Prof.Azriel Roesenfeld. I am deeply saddened at our great loss. Prof.Rosenfeld was honored and respected by his peers, colleagues, students, and all the our community members. He will be greatly missed throughout the engineering community, to which he dedicated a substantial portion of his life.
Masa Kidode
Nara Institute of Science and Technology, AI Laboratory

I extend my heart and gratitude to the family of Azriel Rosenfeld on his passing. It has been an honor and a privilege to benefit from the science and wisdom of Azriel, and from the contributions of his many students and colleagues, for over forty years.
Jack Sklansky

I did my Ph.D with Azriel 20 years ago and I miss him all the time. In fact I dreamed of Azriel just several months ago. I told him my recent activities and how my kid was doing and started to chat and discuss. Azriel will certainly remain in my memory for his passion, inspiration and uniqueness. Above all, he always cares everyone of us.
Prof. Chia-Hoang Lee
National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

The Hong Kong Society for Multimedia and Image Computing (HKSMIC) expressed our deep sadness for the loss of a giant and pioneer in the field of image processing and pattern recognition. Professor Rosenfeld's work has been the guiding light for generations of researchers in our community and will continue to be so for many generations to come. We send our sincere condolences to his family.
Joseph Lau and Horace Ip, HKSMIC

We consider him the father of Digital Image Processing. We will miss him a lot. Let his soul rest in peace.
Sukhendu Das
IIT Madras, India

Azriel's knowledge, writing, and teaching have been an inspiration to all in the field, both for their content and for their gentle but persuasive style. The tree of which he was the root has borne much fruit. His memory is a blessing.
Murray Loew
George Washington University

Whenever I have an idea how to solve a problem within digital topology or discrete geometry, I search in works of Professor Rosenfeld; he probably solved the problem already in the 1970s. I will continue to teach my students to do the same. This way, the memory of Azriel Rosenfeld will be eternal. I will miss that his contributions cannot continue.
Ingela Nystrom
President of the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis (SSBA)

I am very much shocked by the sad news. Professor Rosenfeld is the same as my generation. So I expected him ten years more at least to be active as a great leader of the field of pattern recognition and image processing. He was my teacher and actually I attended his class when I visited his laboratory as a visiting researcher. His speaking was very first for me, but clear in logic. So I loved his class very much.I invited him a few times to Japan as an international leader of our field when we had a big project called PIPS supported by Japanese Government. He gave a series of lectures which was very impressive and excited young researchers in Japan. He was very open and kind to lead us. I recall that he replied kindly to my question to his paper, in which I pointed some mistakes in the experimetal results. He is so fair that we don't feel any arrogance with his authority. Not only me but also many Japanese researchers visited him and his laboratory. Now they contribute to the research and some of them become leaders in the society. I am maybe a first person of the alumni. We all miss him but Professor Rosenfeld lives in our hearts.
Shunji Mori

Professor Azriel Rosenfeld has been the founding father and a great shepherd in the field of image processing by computer. His extensive contribution to the theoretical groundwork and his long series of bibliographies on image analysis and comouter vision are unparalleled. He will undoubtedly live in our collective memory in the years to come.
Zen Chen and Chia Honag Lee
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

I have no words to express my sadness. Azriel's lab is my second home town where I got much from him.
Takashi Matsuyama
Kyoto Univeristy, Japan

The German Pattern Recognition Society (DAGM) expresses its deep regret with the loss of Professor A. Rosenfeld. The Pattern Recognition community will miss his great contributions over the years and his never ending energy to contribute to the field. Our sincerest condolences to his family.
Hans Burkhardt, Gerald Sommer, Hermann Ney

The first thing I bought with my first PhD study grant was Azriel Rosenfeld's book. It gave me inspiration to the field of Digital Image Analysis. The book is still in the best place on my bookshelf. The same inspiration was radiated into the space around him every time he was present in a conference or a workshop.
Jussi Parkkinen

Thinking about Azriel, I can't help but reflect on the influence he's had on my life. In 1985, I chose Maryland for my graduate studies because of Azriel and the Computer Vision Laboratory he founded. As a Ph.D. advisor, he provided me with the support and freedom to develop and pursue my own interests, for which I am eternally grateful. And it was during this time that I met my wife, became a father, and developed a set of lifelong friends and colleagues. Coming to work with Azriel was therefore a critical junction in my life, and I shudder to think how different my life would be today were it not for him. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him, the influence he had on my career and, most of all, the wonderful people he brought me into contact with.
Sven Dickinson
University of Toronto

Pattern Recognition Society of Finland expresses its deepest condolences for the loss of Azriel Rosenfeld. Professor Rosenfeld was a father figure to the computer vision research in Finland, having hosted in his lab many Finnish graduate students and researchers. Some of his former students are now in central positions in the computer vision field in our country. Prof. Rosenfeld visited Finland several times, for example, in 1989 he was the After-Dinner Speaker and a panelist in the 6th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis at Oulu. We have many fond memories of him, and his influence will be felt here far into the future.
On behalf of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland,
Matti Pietikainen, Member of Governing Board of IAPR
Erkki Oja, Chairman of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland in 1985-1988
Markku Hauta-Kasari, Chairman of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland

Professor Rosenfeld offered tremendous support to many, such as myself, who only had a few opportunities to meet him. Many in our field experienced his generosity of spirit. He was a uniting force in a community that is sadly often divided. We will all miss him.
Kaleem Siddiqi
McGill University

I was lucky enough to be his last graduate student at CfAR. His incredible inspiration, deep passion, persistant guidance and motivation have set a role model for me for a lifetime. I will miss him a lot.
Sandor Fejes

The help Professor Rosenfeld has given to young students like me is beyond any measurement and my condolences is beyond any word.
Jian Liang
UMIACS, University of Maryland

Prof. Rosenfeld was a towering presence in image processing. My brief acquaintance with him was as a contributor to the workshop on video mining that he organized in 2002. I had the privilege of meeting him at his office at the University of Maryland and later on again at the workshop. What struck me was his encouraging attitude and enthusiasm towards his work despite his advanced age. His achievements and his energy and generosity will always inspire every researcher. May his soul rest in peace.
Ajay Divakaran
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge

Professor Rosenfeld's name and research work were very well known to me when I was a young researcher in the former GDR. It was a big honour for me to meet him later personally and to co-chair with him the SSPR 96 and the MLDM 03. His support and commitment were always a great help to me in my scientific work. I express my deepest sympathy to the family of Professor Rosenfeld, his colleagues and the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis community as a whole.
Petra Perner

I am deeply sad. I met Prof. Rosenfeld on a seminar in Budapest in 1974 first. Later we met some more times, we did some correspondance and I was following and learning of his excellent activity for a long-long period of my life. Out of his great contribution to Computer Science as well as hebrew studies, his excellent humour and excellent memory remembering to everyone and everything enthralled me always.
Pal Breuer

I have worked with Professor Rosenfeld for a short period of time and have two papers published, but I had a long association since 1985 as one of my academic fathers. He has always been a reference in building my career. I and my group (Machine Intelligence Unit, ISI, Calcutta) are deeply shocked to hear the news.
May his soul rest in peace.
Sankar K. Pal

I felt very sad to hear about the demise of Prof.Rosenfeld. He was my thesis examiner and I had the good fortune of working with his group for 6 months in 1986. He was a source of inspiration for many people like me. The academic community has lost a great leader.
Kamala Krithivasan
CSE Department, IIT Madras, India

I am saddened by the news of Azrial's passing. He was a major influence on me in an early and formative stage of my career. His suggestions and challenges forced me to think much more deeply about topics in my thesis work and beyond and I benefited greatly from those discussions. I particularly remember his presentation at a conference on Knowledge-Based Vision held in Pajaro Dunes, California in the early 70's titled "Ignorance-Based Vision." He continued to challenge and inspire long after that. We have lost a giant.
Tom Garvey
SRI AI Center

This is a great loss to me. I have lost the best person to consult with whenever I have problems, not only about academic questions but also my worries and anxieties in general. He has always encouraged me whenever my papers were rejected or my studies were not recognized well. I owe him everything for my being a scholar of the current status.
Kenichi Kanatani
Okayama University, Japan

Azriel Rosenfeld was a great inspiration to me and also a mentor who helped lead me into the field of computer vision at my very first vision workshop in 1975. When I was only an Associate Professor, he surprised me by suggesting that I become the next editor-in-chief of the CVGIP journal. He has always been there for me with answers to my many emailed questions about almost anything in computer vision. I will miss him very much.
Linda Shapiro
University of Washington

The Computer Vision field has lost one of his pioneers. His legacy lives on through the many people who interacted with him, as expressed by the outpouring of sympathy expressed here. Sincere condolences to the Rosenfeld family.
Gerard Medioni

We were so sadden to know about this grievous loss. We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Professor Rosenfeld.
Reneta Barneva, Valentin Brimkov

I feel very lucky I had an opportunity to meet Azriel and work with him. I regret these meeting were so short and so few and I'm sorry for the work that remained unfinished. My deepest condolences to Prof. Rosenfeld family and to the countless people who will miss him.
Roman Goldenberg
Technion, Israel

Azriel Rosenfeld was a truly international researcher, his work always aware of what was happening throughout the world, his influence always global. His research was fundamental and, particularly before the web age, his scholarly bibliographies allowed vision researchers in all parts of the world to contribute to the sense of community in this still-new field. Work reported in early meetings in Britain was often made known to international researchers because of its inclusion in the bibliography. That the moon never sets on vision research is in no small part due to his scholarship, inspiration and leadership. Throughout Europe and the world his passing will be mourned.
Andrew Fitzgibbon, Tim Cootes
On behalf of the British Machine Vision Association.

Azriel Rosenfeld has planned future projects, and with big sadness I realize that he will not finish them anymore. I will miss him, as a friend and as an outstanding scientist.
Reinhard Klette

I will miss greatly professor Rosenfeld. He is a pioneer and founder of computer vision and pattern recognition. I had stay at computer vision laboratory and he had influenced me what is computer vision for over 25 years. His inspiration and intellectual contribution to our field will continue to have an impact for long time to come.
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Gifu University, Japan

So much has been said about Azriel's contributions to our scientific field and still there is and there will be lots of aspects to be added. I would like to share with you a typical picture of Azriel: It was at the banquet of SCIA'89 where Azriel gave one of his wonderful speeches. In his modesty and humour he entitled it a 'footnote speech' alluding to the official label 'After Dinner Speech'. After he finished his fascinating talk the beautiful midnight sun was still shining in Oulu, Finland. As the midnight sun continues shining during night, Azriel and his work will be present among us for a long time.
Walter G. Kropatsch

Dear IAPR GB members and committee chairs,
I learned with a sharp pain, the loss which you made of Prof Rosenfeld. I afflict myself some with you, I did not have the honor to know prof Rosenfeld in person but I estimated he as much as he deserved it. I wish that the sympathy of all those which carry you affection comes to soften your sorrow a little and I assure you, in this painful circumstance, of my very cordial attachment.
Miss Lilia Lazli
Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria

Ukrainian Association on Information Processing and Pattern Recognition - UAsIPPR/UAsOIRO expresses its deep regret with passing away of a great scientist Professor Rosenfeld. Our sincerest condolences to his family. He visited Ukraine and we all are under great impression of what he did.
Taras Vintsiuk
The UAsIPPR/UAsOIRO president

On behalf of the IAPR Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (TC-10) I would like to express my condolences to the family of Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld and to the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition community.
Josep Llados
IAPR-TC10 chair

I am really shocked and deeply sad at the loss of Azriel who was my colleague and friend at the University of Maryland College Park from 1969 through 1973 when I came to Korea to join the KAIST. He was a real gentleman, very energetic and always filled with new and bright ideas. My heartfelt condolences to his family. I miss you very much Azriel.
With deepest sorrow,

Please accept my sincere condolence on the loss of Azriel Rosenfeld. He was so great, influential, and invaluable in my research life.
Minoru Asada
Osaka University, Japan

Sebastiano IMPEDOVO together all the Pattern Recognition Group of the Bari University in Italy share in grief of all the relatives of Prof. AZRIEL ROSENFELD and of the entire scientific community for his death. We have lost one of the most important pioneer in the Pattern Recognition Field. I greately express our thanks for all that He has done for us.
Sebastiano Impedovo

Azriel Rosenfeld was a a tower of strength for the computer vision world and can truly be called its founder. His life was dedicated to scholarship and he set an inspiring example to all who came in contact with him. I would like to offer my condolences to his family. May they know no further sorrow.
Martin D. Levine

My sadness at the news is beyond the expression of my words. I had always been amazed by the fact that Azriel could be the greatest scholar in this field, while being so gentle, accessible, patient, and helpful to (insignificant) young researchers like me. I would like to share my memory of a personal story. In one afternoon, I was giving Azriel my thesis for his comments, and (unreasonably) asked if he could return it to me in two days duo to some deadline. Even after he agreed to take a look, I was thinking that he wouldn't really read it. The second morning (that's right, just overnight!), Azriel gave back to me the copy, and I was shocked to find the red marks all through my thesis. He even corrected the wrongly-spelled author names in the references! This marked copy, I will cherish forever. My sincere condolences to the family of Professor Rosenfeld. With deepest sorrow,
Baoxin Li
SHARP Labs of America

On behalf of the TPO - Polish Association for Image Processing we express our condolences to the family of Professor Azriel Rosenfeld and to the image processing community.
Konrad Wojciechowski, Henryk Palus, Bogdan Smolka

So many great achievements by a single man. He will remain a person to be admired. My sincere condoloences go to his family.
Josef Bigun
Halmstad University and Chalmers University of Technology

We express deepest regret with the loss of Professor Rosenfeld and send condolences to his family. Many of us started our way to image processing researches from his books and papers.
Valeriy S. Kirichuk, Valeriy P. Kosykh
on the name of the Laboratory of Digital Methods of Data Processing, IA&E SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia

Please, accept my deepest condolences on the loss of Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld, a pioneer and founder of pattern recognition. With deeppest sorrow
Prof. Yuri Chugui
Novosibirsk Russia

30 years ago, Azriel introduced me to Computer Vision, and convinced me -- as he has many, many others, that it could be an area with intellectual substance, practical importance, and fascinating scope. He had an enormous influence on many of the fields within that area, and on many of the people in it. An always inquiring, compassionate man -- he is much missed.
Bert Shaw
GBS Consultants, Portland OR

Dear Azriel, We miss you and thank you for so gracefully accepted our invitation to serve as Honorary Chair of ICPR2006 to be held in Hong Kong. Now you are peacefully resting in God's hands, where someday we all will meet together again. We miss you.
Patrick Wang
ICPR2006 Conference Co-Chair, IJPRAI Chief Editor, Northeastern University, Boston

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