IRC session &

3rd International Festival of Ghosts
BOJNICE '96 Seznam

Zamok Bojnice, Muzeum, 972 01 Bojnice, Slovakia.
tel: 0862/32624, 31634, 31535 fax: 0862/31051

who was there"U lipy" restaurant garden

Participants of the IRC meeting in Bojnice. Bojnice is Slovak spa town close to Prievidza. You can get there also by bus or by train.

Bojnice castleWe met there on Friday 26th of April and we left on 28th, but the festival itself lasted till 1st May. The following pictures were taken during the march of ghost masks, which took place on Saturday morning.


SokolniciMen with falcons. They probably weren't representing any ghost, but they were there and I liked them.

falconThe detail picture of one of the falcons. Very gracious and elegant bird, isn't it?

knightThe knight dressed in real armor. I guess that the guy inside wasn't very comfortable in it during that hot day.

ghost 1A strange creature, that was seen dancing throught the streets. It must have been quite complicated not to get lost in such a costume.

carodejniceA small vivid witch whose eyes are barely visible under the wide black hat. She was busy frightening the kids with her strange squeaking sounds.

white ladiesThe group of white-dressed ghosts, that weren't moving too much, they looked like zombies. No one knows what he/she can awaits from them!

cannibalsCannibals - they threatened to eat me and to sell my camera afterwards...but I wasn't afraid that much since they looked quite well fed.

A youg turkish men, who seem to be quite friendly: they didn't mind my taking the picture of them. I was glad that I they understood Czech :-)

I call this one Mr. Beak, but in fact I really don't know what kind of ghost he was supposed to be. Hmmm, what a lovely hand he has!

vodnikThe merry water-sprite. What a pity that I wasn't able to record the sounds, because this one was very quackative (how would you express that the water-sprite was talkative in water-sprite language?)

egyptiansThree Egyptian women. I must admit that they looked little bit less majestic than their sister Cleopatra, but their costumes and jewelry were quite hard-earned.

ladyThis was probably ghost of a died woman; she looked pretty scary with her violet coloured skin around her eyes and her white coloured face.

lady 2A companion of the previous one.

Who is she? A fairy? I don't know, but her costume was very interesting. Have you noticed the special hat?

Those two were accompanying the fairy from the previous picture.

This one I call 'fairy in a silk-hat made out of rabbit-wire-netting'. I liked her costume very much, it was quite simple but suggestive.

These two ugly creatures were fond of me shooting pictures of them. The one to the right looked like dug out of the grave, like a being in certain stadium of decay. I certainly wouldn't like to meet any of them being alone in a dark deep forest.

horseA horse. No, this is not a mask, this is real horse - there were two of them pulling a carriage with a nervous cartman - I stood in their way shooting the picture of a horse head.

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