More specific info about me?....Hmmm, well... if you want to know...

Here are my latest pictures.

  • And this is my latest "movie" created on SGI Indy on 13th of September 95.
  • My contribution to Czech issues.
  • Do you want to see some of the pictures I took in Greece?
  • Or pictures I took in Autumn 1995 in Holland? / Moje zazitky z Holandska, podzim 1995.
  • Have you ever been to International Festival of Ghosts? See Bojnice '96.
  • Picture collection: Animals, birds, plants (I have met all of them personally :-)
  • Paradijs - (iz Czech) wonderful house. It's like greenhouse with exotic plants, bushes, trees, birds, animals and in the same time it's a place to live for couple of people.
    (Another interesting place, that I have found in Enschede in June/July 1996.)
  • Black&White Photos from Summer 1996 - couple of portraits, that were shot by chance.
  • Old Town Hall in Praha.
  • Plasy - A Cistercian Monastery.
  • Pictures from parks in and around the Prague.
  • Seminar na Sumave - zabery z prirody.
  • Vylet do kraje kolem Bordeaux - z leta 1998.
  • Dum deti a mladeze na Praze 8 kam jsem chodivala do tanecniho krouzku...

  • I like to do many sorts of things. I'm interested in DTP and typesetting, in fine arts, psychology.
    I like greek dances, modern music, meet nice & interesting people, paint.

    One of my hobbies is to breed clever cats! :)

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