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Uses such an ordering of types of skeletal imsets that it is easier to derive that a statement is not implied.

This applet shows 80 elementary independence statements over 5 variables. The applet calculates which (elementary) independence statements follow from a given set of elementary independence statements in the sense of independence implication (which was also called 'facial implication' in a former research report). Input independence statements can be indicated by means of a mousebotton: they become white. After the calculation, the statements that are implied by the indicated statements become green, and those which are not implied become red. Only statements that are inactive (i.e. not white) are checked. In this way, you can check for example that I(A,B|E) & I(B,E) => I(B,E|A) & I(A,B).


By clicking with the mouse on the independence statement, they become active (white) or inactive (black).

Press the Go-button to start the calculation and the Stop button to interupt it.