T. Kroupa, M. Studeny: Facets of the cone of totally balanced games. Mathematical Methods of Operation Research 90 (2019), pp. 271-300.

The class of totally balanced games is a class of transferable-utility coalitional games providing important models of cooperative behavior used in mathematical economics. They coincide with market games of Shapley and Shubik and every totally balanced game is also representable as the minimum of a finite set of additive games. In this paper we characterize the polyhedral cone of totally balanced games by describing its facets. Our main result is that there is a correspondence between facet-defining inequalities for the cone and the class of special balanced systems of coalitions, the so-called irreducible min-balanced systems. Our method is based on refining the notion of balancedness introduced by Shapley. We also formulate a conjecture about what are the facets of the cone of exact games, which addresses an open problem appearing in the literature.

AMS classification 91A12 52B12 68R05 90C27

coalitional game
totally balanced game
balanced system
polyhedral cone

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