HSSS Research  Kitchen on

Learning Conditional Independence Models

16 - 20 October 2000

Trest, Czech Republic


Report to European Science Foundation

The following summarizes the discussions as they took place during the meeting. Every session was devoted to a specific topic. The number of speakers in one session varied from one to four but the number of disccussants was higher.

Monday 16 October 2000 Survey and problem classification (MS)

Tuesday 17 October 2000 Learning strategies (PG, EF, CT, GK)

1. MCMC learning graphical models (PG)

2. MCMC learning for DAG models (EF)

3. Analysis of graphical factor models (CT)

4. Methodological aspects in learning (GK)

Wednesday 18 October 2000 Inclusion problem (RB, TK)

1. Inclusion problem I. (RB)

2. Inclusion problem II. (TK)

Thursday 19 October Iterative methods and exponential families (FM, TR)

1. Exponential families (FM)

2. Parametrization of exponential families (TR)

Thursday 19 October: evening Overview of discussion (All participants) The aim of this session was to summarize discussion and to indentify common research goals for (possible) future cooperation. The result was a list of shared interests in research given in the Appendix.

Friday 20 October Open problem session (RB, RJ, FM, PG) Further open problems (except those mentioned earlier) were formulated. The participants agreed that they are going to give exact formulation of open problems of common interest (mathematical formulation if possible). These problems will be then put on web page of the research kitchen in 2 or 3 months after the meeting.

Follow up

Continuing research relationships between kitcheners are expected. Specific targets include join publications on specific topics and on general methodology. An example of such a joint work is a paper about a partial solution of the inclusion problem whose writing started immediately after the kitchen. Further open questions motivated by the idea of learning chain graph models (e.g. representation of classes of equivalent chain graphs, neighbourhood characterization) are expected to be a topic of future cooperation.

The list of participants

Remark The stay of Gernot Kleiter and Radim Jirou\v{s}ek was covered from other sources.

Appendix: common aspects and research goals (in alphabetic order)