Milan Studený
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Pod vodarenskou vezi 4
18208 Prague 8 Liben
Czech Republic

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Bryksova 951
19800 Prague 14 Cerny Most II
Czech Republic

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Phone (job): (420-) 2 6605 2304
Fax: (420-) 2 688 4903 (institute)
Home phone: (420-) 2 81911 553

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Selected publications (updated on June 23, 2017)

Recent publications:

Axiomatic properties of conditional independence

Description of conditional independence structures

Conditional independence inference

Extreme supermodular and exact games (in context of conditional independence)

Conditional independence structures over four variables

Measures of dependence

Conditional independence in non-probabilistic calculi

Chain graphs

Learning Bayesian networks

Geometric approach to learning (Bayesian networks)

Integer linear approach to learning decomposable models

Other graphical approaches

Marginal problem

Differentiation of measures

Other topics