P. Simecek, M. Studeny: Vyuziti pojmu Hilbertovy baze pro overovani hypotezy o shodnosti strukturalnich a kombinatorickych imsetu (in Czech, translation: The use of the concept of a Hilbert basis to verify a hypothesis about the coincidence of structural and combinatorial imsets), in ROBUST 2004 Sbornik praci trinacte letni skoly JCMF (J. Antoch, G. Dohnal eds.), Trest, Czech Republic, JMF 2004, pp. 395-401.

This is a paper describing computer experiments made by student Petr Simecek, whose aim was to confirm or disprove a conjecture (Question 7) from

The conjecture was confirmed in some special cases.

Tento prispevek se venuje reseni klicoveho problemu z oblasti popisu struktur podminene nezavislosti (mezi N nahodnymi velicinami) pomoci tzv. imsetu a to overovani hypotezy o shodnosti mnozin strukturalnich a kombinatorickych imsetu.

A pdf version (178kB) is available.

The paper builds on the following publications: