M. Studeny: Comparison of graphical approaches to description of conditional independence structures. In Proceedings of WUPES`97, January 22-25, 1997, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 156-172.

Two traditional classes of graphs used for description of probabilistic conditional independence structures are undirected graphs and directed acyclic graphs. In recent years several wider classes of graphs have been used in literature for this purpose: general directed graphs, chain graphs, reciprocal graphs and annotated graphs. The aim of the contribution is to give except an overview a rough comparison of achieved results. That means, several questions of general interest are raised and it is mentioned which questions are already answered.

AMS classification 68T30, 62H05

independency model
(Markov) equivalence
undirected graph
directed graph
chain graph
reciprocal graph
annotated graph

A pdf copy (converted postscript version) (222kB) is available.