imset.R - a suite of functions for R (version 1.3)

imset.R is a suite of functions in R for integer valued multisets (imsets) of graphical models.
A detailed exposition to the theory of imsets can be found in the book by
A description of the conversion functions implemented in imset.R can be found in the paper by
A conference paper about the R implementation of learning Bayesian networks using imsets (which is part of the imset.R suite) is available:
You can dowload the imset.R file and save it into a working directory of your machine.
To use the imset suite within R you need two packages:
To install a package start R and use the Package menu. For both of the two required packages repeat the following procedure:
Then, start the R console,  change directory to the directory, where the file imset.R is located, and type source("imset.R")
A short manual for the imset.R suite is available here.
An example of an R session and data set for this example are also available.