Czech Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

CRCIM consists of four partners:


Jiri Wiedermann, Chairman CRCIM,


CRCIM The computer science and mathematics community of the Czech Republic has formed the CRCIM consortium as their representative in the ERCIM - European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. Leading research institutes from sixteen European countries are members of ERCIM. The CRCIM institutions represent directly 400 IT professionals and via contacts in related universities and professional bodies reach the whole community, both academic and commercial.

Topics of interest for CRCIM mainly concern:


Generally speaking, the objectives of the CRCIM are:

Information distribution

Information related to CRCIM activities will be mainly distributed via this HomePage. It will contain general information, such as announcement of events, and an updated electronic mailing list of CRCIM officers and other members interested in ERCIM activities.


There is no individual membership in CRCIM/ERCIM, but you can participate in its activities via the institute that is a member of CRCIM (or ERCIM). Some research activities are organized in ERCIM Working Groups, please contact the corresponding CRCIM WG contact people.

Working Groups

ERCIM Working Groups address topics of joint scientific interest through workshops and other channels as appropriate. CRCIM WG contact people can be found on the list of ERCIM Working Groups. Besides ERCIM WG, CRCIM members have involvement, on a personal basis, in several additional working groups and associations, as for example:

ERCIM Fellowship Programme

The objective of the ERCIM Fellowship Programme is to enable bright young scientists to work collectively on a challenging problems as fellows of leading European research centers. CRCIM institutes are among these research centers offering ERCIM fellowship. The contact person is Lubos Brim.

ERCIM offers postdoctoral fellowships in leading European information technology research centres. Fellowships are of 18 months duration, generally spent in two research centres. Competitive salary. Deadline for applications: 30 April 2003. Full description of the programme, conditions and the online application form can be found at

Workshops, conferences and upcoming events

Currently, CRCIM is involved in the organization, planning and promotion of:


Here below, a brief and surely not-exhaustive list of upcoming events that could be of interest to CRCIM.

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