Themes for Learning Sessions

This is an overview of themes for the Learning Sessions (31 July - 4 August 2017) that will be part of the program Genealogies of Interacting Particle Systems at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences of the National University of Singapore. Based on the preferences of participants, we have chosen nine learning sessions that will be organized. The intended format of the Learning Sessions is briefly explained on the webpages of the program. Two people (moderators) together prepare an introduction to the topic in the form of an introductory lecture of (roughly) 90 minutes and formulate questions and problems to be discussed in the session. Moderators have a genuine interest in learning the topic but are not themselves authors of the papers to be studied.


Monday July 31
morning free
afternoon Anita Winter and Emmanuel Schertzer: The Continuum Random Tree
Tuesday August 1
morning Andrej Depperschmidt and Andreas Greven: Tree-valued Markov processes
afternoon Amandine Véber and Anton Wakolbinger: Look down constructions
Wednesday August 2
morning Anton Klimovsky and Jiří Černý: Genealogies of particles on dynamic random networks
afternoon Nic Freeman and Sandra Palau: The Brownian web and net
Thursday August 3
morning Sandra Kliem and Kumarjit Saha:. Extremal particles in Branching Brownian Motion
afternoon Matthias Hammer and Yu-Ting Chen: Competing species models
Friday August 4
morning Daniel Valesin, Fernando Cordero, and Stein Andreas Bethuelsen: Dualities in population models
afternoon Anja Sturm, Florian Völlering, and Jan Swart: The algebraic approach to duality

Some information about the sessions

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