Milan Studený
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Pod Vodárenskou věží 4
18200 Prague 8 Libeň
Czech Republic

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Bryksova 951/13
19800 Prague 14 Černý Most II
Czech Republic

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Phone (job): (420-) 2 6605 2304
Fax: (420-) 2 688 4903 (institute)
Home phone: (420-) 2 81911 553

Research interests

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List of publications

Selected publications (updated on May 29, 2023)

Some recent publications:

Axiomatic properties of conditional independence

Description of conditional independence structures

Conditional independence inference

Conditional independence structures over four variables

Extreme supermodular functions/games (in context of conditional independence)

Game theory

Measures of dependence

Conditional independence in non-probabilistic calculi

Chain graphs

Learning Bayesian networks

Geometric approach to learning (Bayesian networks)

Integer linear approach to learning decomposable models

Other graphical approaches

Marginal problem

Differentiation of measures

Other topics